At The Student Union (TSU), we provide opportunities for students, families and community members to make a bold impact. Whether it’s through our various local service opportunities that the whole family can attend or unique courses and events that students can participate in – down to the cup of coffee you drink – our location is a hub toward meaningful impact!

For over 10 years we’ve offered free educational support for students with various academic needs through our Acacia Academics. Since opening our doors, The Student Union has hosted over 60 events through partnerships with local area high schools, churches and fellow community members hosting art workshops, leadership series, business, career and marketing classes. We’ve served hundreds of students in neighboring counties through Acacia Educational Support and have partnered with other nonprofits like Portal, Inc., Ozaukee Family Sharing, Mr. Bob’s Under The Bridge, The Cathedral Center and more.  

Some of our service outreaches, aside from our free mentoring program include; a fundraiser for student art with proceeds going toward ministry work in India, Harvest for Hunger to benefit Ozaukee Family Sharing, bingo with residents of McKinley Place Nursing Home, homemade cards to hospital and nursing home patients during the Covid-19 Pandemic, a ladies paint night to raise awareness of family homelessness with a donation to The Cathedral Center, serving coffee with Mr. Bob’s Under The Bridge, filling food bags at Just One More Ministry Food Bank, and serving lunch for local Habitat For Humanity volunteers.

We continue to provide a variety of programs, events and partnerships that students, families and community members can participate in to not only develop themselves but to create transformative relationships that boldly impacts their community. A donation or a review shared to our Google business page will help aid in establishing our organization’s future so we can continue to empower the next generation to boldly impact their community.

Thank you for your continual support!

Our Vision

Empowering the next generation to boldly impact their community. 

Our Principles

  1. Demonstrate, through our actions, God’s love and our faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Develop students in the areas of academics, career readiness, leadership, volunteerism, and artistic expression.
  3. Promote confidence in one’s ability to positively impact others.
  4. Support communities and local businesses through thoughtful partnerships.

The Student Union is connected with Alliance Bible Church of Mequon, Wisconsin.