David Wiley, Executive Leadership

David has worked with students as a state licensed middle school teacher and as high school coach. He has owned a local, small business for over 15 years and is on staff at Alliance Bible Church. He has a master’s degree in education from Alverno College and a bachelor’s degree from Moody Bible Institute.  His primary responsibilities include the management of The Student Union’s employees and leading partnerships with student and community groups.

His Aspirations: To see local youth making a positive impact within our community with their unique talents and for them to inspire their peers to do the same.

His Passion: Building teamwork, growing people and seeing organizations run well.

Fun Fact: I enjoy sports and going on family outings with my wife & 5 kids. 

Dwayne Sommersell, Executive Leadership

Dwayne joins The Student Union team with a passion in teaching and building meaningful connections. In addition to being on staff at Alliance Bible Church, Dwayne’s responsibilities at TSU are to help lead partnerships with student groups. In his free time, he and his wife along with their three kids, enjoys exploring their Mequon neighborhood and watching movies.

His Aspirations: I would love to meet and get to know the students that walk through the door and for TSU to be a place where students continue to return and enjoy spending time with their friends and making new friends.

His Passion: Raising his 3 kids, reading, and teaching students.

Fun Fact: I was born in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of 4.

Joshua Putney, Cafe Manager

Joshua was employed as a Teacher at a Humanities University in Mongolia prior to joining TSU Staff. The whirlwind of 2020 landed him at TSU’s front door and he knocked. Prior to completing his TEFL certification and moving abroad, Joshua earned a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Counseling in Chicago while working at Joe’s Coffee Shop, 21st Century Kids, and The Latin School Of Chicago. 

His Aspirations: To deeply honor land, culture, and people as crafted with purpose.

His Passion: Youth opportunity, intercultural experience, education, sourcing, family, and nature. 

Fun Fact: I am a PADI certified “Master Freediver” and can swim over 260ft. on one breath. 

Jessica Morgan, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Jessica has a passion for creative design and the ever expanding digital world. A graduate from Ripon College, with a degree in Anthropology and emphasis toward Digital Communications, she has developed and implemented various marketing campaigns, tracked and managed user analytic performance on a variety of different digital platforms as well as managed multiple brands successfully throughout her career. 

When she’s not getting nerdy with tracking platform performance and analytics Jessica finds joy in being a wife, doing arts and crafts, spending time in the great outdoors by hiking or camping with her husband and spending quality time with friends and family. 

Her Aspirations: To make a meaningful impact to those around me and to demonstrate the love, joy and peace of Jesus Christ in all I do. 

Her Passion: Crafting/watercolor painting, enjoying the great outdoors by hiking or camping and spending time with friends and family.

Fun Fact: I love history and had the opportunity to travel to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to work at their museum studying ancient pottery, arrowheads and mummies.

Gideon, TSU Cafe Barista

Gideon is currently a homeschooler finishing up his senior year of high school. Often joking that he is the “longest working” barista, Gideon has been a part of the TSU team since sophomore year. He loves interacting with everybody that steps in the door, and he is passionate about creating a safe atmosphere that invites people to be themselves. When he isn’t working at TSU, Gideon interns at Alliance Bible Church, plays guitar, and is always searching for the next person’s “new and exciting” response.

His Aspirations: To demonstrate the love of God in every aspect of my life and to be a person anyone can talk to.

His Passion: Playing guitar, spending time with friends and family, and building Legos.

Fun Fact: I (17) share a birthday with my brother (19) and sister (15) on Pi day.

Alia, TSU Cafe Barista

Alia is a commuter student at Concordia University, Wisconsin, studying music and business.  She has been involved with TSU since she was in high school, visiting regularly, and now working as a barista.  Apart from working at TSU, Alia keeps herself busy with school, youth and worship ministries, and teaching private piano lessons.  She strives to reach those around her through service and dedication.  Working at TSU is a way Alia loves carrying that out, through making drinks, conversation, and relationships.

Her Aspirations: To live in God’s presence and follow Him to impact those around me with confidence, peace, and truth.

Her Passion: Everything music, making and researching coffee and tea, making handcrafts, enjoying nature, and quality time with others.

Fun Fact: I personally have 51 houseplants (and counting!).

Guinevere, TSU Cafe Barista

Guinevere is finishing up her senior year of college at Mount Mary University. She came to TSU due to her love for coffee and for non-profit organizations. After graduation, Guinevere hopes to work in a National Park and be able to help with restoration work. In her downtime, she likes to go hiking and spending time with her pets. 

Her Aspirations: To provide people with a safe place they can go in their community.

Her Passion: Caring for every living creature and bettering the environment.

Fun Fact: I have 3 birds, 2 snakes, and 1 fish.

Macee, TSU Cafe Barista

Macee Hope is a current college student aspiring to become a high school teacher of social studies and theatre arts. Macee loves learning about cultures and history wherever she finds herself on her travels, as well as the diversity and creativity found in our local communities as well

When Macee is not working at TSU, she enjoys singing in her campus praise team, figure skating, and reading books on philosophy, history, or dystopian society. 

Her Aspirations: To build relationships so that all guests feel they are a valued person of the community and direct youth to resources that promote growth in every aspect of their lives. 

Her Passion: Singing, soaking in the outdoors, and serving as a trustworthy mentor to youth around the community. 

Fun Fact: For a brief time I lived in Jacmel, the art capital of Haiti.

Alice, TSU Cafe Barista

Alice is current high school student, participating in groups such as the lacrosse team and student council. Alice has been a life long resident of Cedarburg, and her barista position has allowed her to give back to the wonderful community that raised her and sparked a newfound passion and interest in coffee. 

Her Aspirations: To provide the best possible drinks and service, give back to her community, and offer people a welcoming environment. 

Her Passion: Music, art, spending time with friends and family.

Fun Fact: I can play the ukulele, piano, and clarinet.